ASP Session vs ASP.NET Session

Difference between ASP Session and ASP.NET Session

S.No ASP Session ASP.NET Session
Session type support:
As ASP only supports InProc Session, so it cannot span across multiple servers.
Session type support:
ASP.NET supports both InProc and OutProc (StateServer and SQLServer) Sessions.Hence, it can span across multiple servers.
Process dependency:
In ASP, the session is Process dependent i.e., ASP session state is dependent on IIS process very heavily. So if IIS restarts
ASP session variables are also recycled.
Process dependency:
In Asp.Net, the session is Process independent i.e., ASP.NET session can be independent of the hosting environment thus ASP.NET session can maintained even if IIS reboots.
Cookie dependency:
In ASP, the session is Cookie dependent i.e., ASP session only functions when browser supports cookies.
Cookie dependency:
As ASP.NET supports Cookieless session, so the session in ASP.NET is Cookie independent.

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