Grid Layout vs Form Layout

Difference between Grid Layout and Form Layout

S.No Grid Layout Flow Layout
1 In Grid layout, controls are displayed in the grid format. In Flow layout, controls are arranged in the order in which they are created.
Grid layout can be used for Microsoft Windows–style applications, in which controls are not mixed with large amounts of text.
Flow layout can be used for document-style applications, in which text and controls are intermingled.
When we create controls with GridLayout, Visual Studio adds style attributes to each control that set the position of the control
When we create controls with FlowLayout, Visual Studio omits the style attribute.
4 In Grid layout, if we look in to the HTML code created by absolute positioning we can notice only lots of DIV tags.So,pages using grid layout will not always display correctly in non-Microsoft browsers.
In Flow layout ,we can see more of using HTML table to position elements which is compatible with wide range of browsers.

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