User Settings vs Application Settings

Difference between User Settings and Application Settings in WPF

User Settings
Application Settings
User settings are read/write.

i.e., User Settings can be accessed or modified while our application is running (run-time). When we modify the User Settings, it will get saved by the application and immediate effect will be taken place.
Application Settings are read-only.

i.e., We cannot change the value of Application Settings at run-time. We will able to change the same only at design-time.
In User Settings, the Session is restricted to the User.

i.e., It is designed to be something specific to the user. For example, one user may have a requirement to see certain stocks, news articles or local weather. This can be set at run-time.
In Application Settings, the Session is restricted to the Application .

i.e., It is designed to store information such as a database connection string. These settings are read-only at run-time.

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