Object-Oriented vs Object-based Programming

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Difference between Object-Oriented Programming and Object-based Programming
Object-based Programming
Object-oriented Programming
1 What features it supports ?
Object-based programming language does not support all the features of OOPs like Polymorphism and Inheritance.
What features it supports ?
Object-oriented programming language supports all the features of OOPs.
1. Abstraction
2. Encapsulation
2 Whether it has inbuilt object ?
Object-based language has in-built object like javascript has window object.
Whether it has inbuilt object ?
Object-oriented language does not has in-built object.
3 Examples:
Javascript, VB etc.
C++, C#, Java etc.

Abstraction: Abstraction is a process of exposing essential features of an entity by hiding the other irrelevant details. Abstraction mainly reduces complexity and increases efficiency. An entity can have multiple abstractions.

Encapsulation: The ability of hiding object's internal implementation.

Inheritance: The ability of building a new class definition based on existing class definition.

Polymorphism: The ability of treating related objects the same way.


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