Difference between STA and MTA

Difference between STA and MTA
STA stands for Single Threaded Apartment
MTA stands for Multi Threaded Apartment
In STA,there may be multiple apartment.But only single thread can be executed in a apartment.
In MTA, only one apartment will be there and all threads will execute within that single apartment.
3 In STA, if there is a need to communicate between threads we need a proxy, they can not do it directly. In MTA, threads communicate directly to each other without a proxy.
4 MTA applications execute slower than STA MTA applications typically execute faster than STA because there is less system overhead and can be optimized to eliminate system idle time.
5 If the COM object cannot handle its own synchronization i.e not thread safe then the STA model can be used If the COM object can handle its own synchronization then the MTA model can be used

An apartment is a logical container within a process for objects sharing the same thread access requirements.

All objects in the same apartment can receive calls from any thread in the apartment.

The .NET Framework does not use apartments, and managed objects are responsible for using
all shared resources in a thread-safe manner themselves.

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